Core Honors

In Fall of 2016, Seattle University’s Core Honors program will be integrated into a renewed, multi-track University Honors program. If you are interested in participating in the University Honors program at SU, open to students of all majors, please view further information here: University Honors Program.

The curriculum listed below will still be followed by all Core Honors students admitted for Fall 2015 entry to SU and prior. Dr. Yancy Hughes Dominick will continue to act as advisor and event director for these Core Honors students as well. Programming and community events will be integrated across all honors cohorts (current Core Honors students and incoming University Honors students).



Core Honors is one of two honors programs at Seattle University. It is a three-year sequence in which students complete eight required University Core courses in specially designed honors sections. Those selected take these courses as a cohort and build a learning community that extends beyond the classroom to a variety of co-curricular activities. The courses are thematically linked and professors collaborate to create an integrated curriculum. The classes are taught as small seminars emphasizing student participation and discussion leadership.

Core Honors is distinct from our University Honors Program, which provides an alternative to the University Core Curriculum during the first two years of study. Students are invited separately to apply for these two programs based upon their applications to Seattle University. See the University Honors Program website for more information about this program.

Both honors programs are open to students in the College of Arts & Sciences and the Albers School of Business and Economics. The Core Honors program is also open to Students in the College of Science & Engineering. Core Honors is designed specifically to meet the curricular needs of highly motivated students whose majors (or other obligations) might make a two-year program difficult to fit into their schedules. Majors in business, some sciences, and engineering, for example, might have major requirements that require completion during the first two years. Core Honors students take just one honors course per term; therefore, a number of major requirements can be taken concurrent with the honors courses.*

The Curriculum

Core Honors students take honors sections of the following courses:

First Year

Fall: UCOR 1400 Inquiry Seminar in the Humanities
Winter: UCOR 2500 Philosophy of the Human Person
Spring: UCOR 1600 Inquiry Seminar in the Social Sciences 

Second Year

Winter: UCOR 2900 Ethical Reasoning
Spring: UCOR 2100 Theological Explorations

Third Year

Fall: UCOR 3100 Religion in a Global Context
Winter: UCOR 3400 Humanities and Global Challenges
Spring: UCOR 3600 Social Sciences and Global Challenges

Core Honors students are awarded renewable merit scholarships throughout their undergraduate careers. Their completion of this program is noted on their transcripts.


Application to the Core Honors is by invitation. Invitations are issued based on applications to Seattle University. All students entering Core Honors do so as freshmen. The program does not admit students who are currently at the University or who are incoming transfer students.


* Colleges/schools not compatible with either Seattle University honors programs are the College of Nursing (students' schedules cannot accommodate honors courses due to clinicals and major curriculum structure) and Matteo Ricci Institute (has a separate core curriculum).


Contact Core Honors


Yancy Hughes Dominick, Ph.D.
Associate Director
(206) 296-5475