Controller's Office
Processing Financial Transactions

Check Requisition Procedure

  • The Check Requisition Form is used in the following situations:

    A. If the invoice lacks space on which to write the account coding.
    B. Reimbursement of an expense paid for by the employee.

    Accounts Payable needs at least five (5) working days to process the payment.

    How to Fill Out a Check Requisition Form

    The form has ten essential fields that need to be completed. These fields are as follows:

    1. SU ID Number: Enter your Seattle University ID number. This is especially important if you want your reimbursement to be directly deposited to your bank account.

    2. Date: Fill in the current date.

    3. Amount: State the exact dollar amount of check. If you complete the PDF form on your computer, the amount will update automatically as you complete the accounting distribution section.

    4. Payee: Write the full name of the individual or company to be paid.

    5. Address: Provide the complete address of the payee.

    6. Accounting Distribution: This field has three sub-fields (Fund, Department, Account) that need to be completed. Accounts payable will return if it is incomplete or inaccurate. If this is for an advance check, leave this field blank.

    6A. Amount: The total amount of all lines must be in agreement with the amount of the check stated in field 3.

    7. Reason: Briefly describe the reason for requesting the payment.

    8. Handling: Please mark clearly if the check is to be mailed to the address provided in field 5, picked up, or directly deposited. For checks to be picked up, please fill in your name as well as your phone number or email address. We will notify you when the check is ready.

    9. Date Needed : Allow five working days to process the payment. If you need the check sooner, please refer to Emergency Checks below.

    10. Approval: Employees may not approve his or her own reimbursements. Reimbursements must be reviewed and approved by a level above the employee who is submitting the reimbursement request. The request must be approved by an authorized signor. Subordinates may not sign off on the reimbursement request for their supervisors. The signor certifies that the reimbursement request had a valid business purpose. Reimbursements are subject to audit by external agencies.

    Please note that any check requisitions charged to sponsored projects, either in part or in full, must be approved by the Office of Research Services and Sponsored Projects. Please contact ORSSP if you have questions regarding this portion of the process.

    Emergency Checks

    Emergency check requests will be handled case by case. If you have a valid emergency, please refer your case directly to the Accounts Payable Supervisor.



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