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Travel and Entertainment Expenses

  • See also "Seattle University Travel Expense Policy" and "Policy for Business Expenses".

    Travel Advance

    A travel advance is used to provide an employee with funds to pay for estimated future travel expenses. (Actual travel expenses known in advance of travel, such as airfare and most conference fees, should be submitted for payment to vendor or reimbursement to you using a completed and approved Check Requisition Form.) For a travel advance, funds are taken from the appropriate University account and issued in the form of a check payable to the employee. Travel advances may be issued only to active University employees and will not be issued to an employee who has a travel advance outstanding. For more information regarding travel advances, see the University’s Business & Travel Expense Policy located at and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Publication 535, Business Expenses at

    To ensure efficient processing of your advance, please adhere to the following key policies:

    • Submit Travel Advance Request Form a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the first day of travel for which you are requesting the advance.
    • Travel advances will not be released any earlier than five (5) business days prior to travel.
    • As stipulated by the IRS, you must give documentary evidence of your business expenses. This evidence should be substantiated by original itemized receipts which you shall attach to your travel advance reconciliation. Any advance that is not properly reconciled to your actual expenditures on a timely basis will be included as income to you on your annual Form W-2. These funds would then be subject to income tax withholding, social security, Medicare, and federal unemployment taxes.
    • Travel advances must be reconciled to actual expenditures within ten (10) business days following the last day of travel to mitigate potential taxation of the advance. Please submit a completed and approved Travel Expense Report Form to the Accounts Payable department in 1218 East Cherry Building within ten (10) business days.

    Instructions for Completing a Travel Advance Request

    Click here to download a copy of the Travel Advance Request form.

    1. Date: Indicate the date(s) for which the request is being made.
    2. Estimated $ Per Day: Indicate the amount of advance requested per day.
    3. Number of Days: Indicate the number of days that the advance is requested for.
    4. Total: Calculate the total as the estimated $ per day X No. of days
    5. Purpose/Description of Advance: Indicate the destination and purpose of the travel. Include the names of the attendees if the advance is for more than one person.
    6. Accounting Distribution: Provide the name of the account to be charged including the 2 digit fund number and the 6 digit department number.
    7. Approvals: Affix signatures and identify titles and departments as evidence of proper approval.
    8. Handling instructions: Indicate handling instructions.

    Instructions For Completing Travel Expense Report

    Click here to download a copy of the Travel Expense Report form.

    1. Name and department: Name of traveler and University department.
    2. Destination and purpose of travel: Date departed and returned. (These items are self-explanatory.)
    3. Detail of Travel Expenses: Refer to the Schedule of Allowable Costs for Travel for information on allowable costs and/or required supporting documentation. Provide the daily total expended for each category of expense.
    4. Business entertainment expense documentation: The name of the establishment and city where it occurred, date(s), name of person(s) entertained, and business purpose.
    5. Total expense: Carry totals to the far right, and down to total expenses.
    6. Balance due employee/S.U. : Subtract travel advance (if any) from total expenses to arrive at balance due.
    7. Budget number to be charged: Indicate fund and department numbers to be charged with travel expenditure. Leave "Acct" field blank. (This is for accounting use only.)

    Schedule of Allowable Costs for Travel


    Current Rate

    Supporting Documentation

    Air Fare

    Actual cost of less than first class ticket

    Copy of e-ticket or paper airline ticket


    Actual reasonable cost less any personal expenses

    Copy of hotel bill


    Per Diem (no receipts required) $50.00. Per Diem is not allowed if the meals were provided by the workshop. If partial meals are provided, use the below meal rates to reduce the per diem claim.
    Breakfast $10.00, Lunch $15.00, Dinner $25.00 (total not to exceed $50.00)


    Choose one of the two methods for reimbursement.
    1) Receipts for the actual meal expenses
    2) Per diem of $50.00 each day.

    Auto Rental

    Must be authorized by area vice president. Limited to compact, when available.

    Copy of agreement and payment receipts


    Mileage at 54.0 cents per mile - not to exceed cost of other means (i.e, airfare, taxi, auto rental).

    Hard copy of electronic map showing miles from point to point; log of number of miles driven


    Actual costs incurred for parking, tolls and supplies, etc.