The University will reimburse a business meal expense when it is deemed to be necessary, reasonable and appropriate by a dean, director, reporting unit head or finance manager. Reimbursement of meals will occur when they are an integral part of the business meeting or activity, not as a matter of personal convenience. The receipts must be original and itemized and include the provider’s name and date, the name(s) of any other person included on the bill and the purpose of the meeting. Tips must not exceed 20%. The receipt must indicate that the bill was paid. Credit card receipts alone are not acceptable. To determine whether a business meal expense is appropriate, the individual seeking reimbursement should first consult with his or her supervisor.

The supervisor should exercise professional judgment in determining whether: 

  • The topic of discussion (meeting) or activity of the meeting warrants the use of University funds for the meal expense.
  • The benefit derived from incurring the expense is the most effective, efficient and productive way to use University resources.
  • The funds are available.

Meals and catering do not require purchase orders. Chartwells is the only authorized catering service for on-campus events.