The University will reimburse for meals while traveling via EITHER per diem or actual itemized receipt. For either option, individuals should not seek reimbursement for a meal that is included in some aspect of the travel such as a conference registration.

An individual may not claim both per diem and an actual meal expense on the same day. For example, reimbursing breakfast at a restaurant and then claiming per diem for lunch and dinner is not allowed. When attending a conference that provides meals per diem cannot be claimed.

Per Diem: The per diem (per day) reimbursement rate is $50. The following breakdown applies if traveling for part of the day: $10 for breakfast, $15 for lunch, and $25 for dinner. No proof of payment is required for a per diem reimbursement. Per Diem is only allowed for travel more than 50 miles away from Seattle University.

Actual Meal Expenses: Original itemized receipts are necessary when choosing not to be reimbursed through the per diem option. A list of attendees and the business purpose are required when receipt includes payment for individuals in addition to the requestee. Tips must not exceed 20%. If a meal is under $25 and the receipt is not available the request must document what was purchased to ensure it falls within the University’s meal and alcohol policy.