Alcohol Policy

Alcohol consumed during a business meal

The university will cover reasonable costs of alcoholic beverages consumed during a business dinner. Reasonable consumption of alcohol is defined as two alcoholic beverages per person consumed during the course of a complete meal.

Dinner hours are between 4pm – 11pm

See the table below for information on how each type of drink counts towards a person total.

Type Unit Amount of Drinks
Beer Glass, Bottle, Can 1
Beer Pitcher 4
Wine Glass 1
Wine Bottle 5
Spirits/Mixed Drinks Shot 1

If an employee wishes to be reimbursed for alcohol consumed in exception to the policy above, they must have either their department’s Vice President or Dean provide written approval prior to any request for payment. Alcoholic beverages may NOT be reimbursed from federal grants or contracts.

Alcohol consumed during an event

Alcohol for consumption may be purchased for university business events and must adhere to the following requirements:

  • The employee must indicate on the invoice, reimbursement, or ProCard charge the location of the event where the alcohol was consumed.
  • For on-campus events, the employee must obtain an alcohol permit from CES prior to the event. A copy of the permit must accompany the invoice, reimbursement or ProCard charge in order for Accounts Payable (AP) to process the request. If a permit was not obtained before the event, AP will not reimburse the expense. If the copy of the permit is not sent with the invoice, reimbursement or ProCard charge, the request will be returned to the person responsible.
  • Any unconsumed alcohol from an event must be stored under lock and key and used for a future event. A new alcohol permit will be needed for that future event.
  • For off-campus events, it is the responsibility of the individual to obtain any necessary permits. The university does not need a copy of these permits.