Authorizing payments

Definition of an authorized signer

To be an authorized signer, the employee must be on the Expenditure Authorization list for the given budget. The Cost Center Manager or a person in a higher position such as the Associate Vice President or Dean may approve payments when on the Expenditure Authorization list for the budget being charged. Contact the divisional budget manager of your department to inquire on how to be added to the Expenditure Authorization list.

Below is a breakdown on who is allowed to approve invoices, reimbursements, wires, purchase orders, honorariums and advances.


Expenditure Authority

Cost Center Manager

Under $5,000

AVP/Assoc. Provost/Dean/Head of Athletics/Librarian







Over $1,000,000


Responsibilities of the authorized signer

The signer certifies the payment had a valid business purpose. The signer will also be responsible for following University policies listed in this document. If chosen for audit by external agencies and discrepancies are found, the person signing the transaction will be held responsible. The authorized signer has the following requirements for each approval:

  1. They may not approve the invoices or reimbursements of their direct supervisor (at any level).
  2. They may not approve the reimbursement for a meal or event that they attended.

When a purchase order is involved, the signer is no longer approving payment but rather approving the items or service has been received in good order and the amounts listed on the invoice or reimbursement match the purchase order.

If there is a question regarding whether an employee may approve a payment, please contact Accounts Payable before submitting for reimbursement.