Mark your calendars for 2014 Appreciation Party

Our annual Appreciation Party for Seattle University faculty and staff is scheduled for Friday, May 30, noon-3 p.m. in the Connolly Center, North Court . All faculty and staff are invited and encouraged to attend!  Members of the university community who are retiring, receiving special awards and emeritus/a status, or who have completed 40, 35, 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 years of service during calendar year 2014 will be recognized.

All offices are authorized to close at noon to allow employees to attend the party. As an additional expression of thanks, staff employees can begin their weekends at the close of the event. Staff employees who choose not to attend the Appreciation Event are expected to work until 3 p.m.

The following is a list of faculty and staff celebrating five-year incremental years of service this year.  Anyone with additions or corrections to the list below should email Isa Chong  at:   or call Isa at 296-5865 by March 28. Also, if you are retiring this year or celebrating a 25 years or higher milestone and would like to be recognized, please let Isa know by the date above. 

If you have a milestone of 25+years or retiring, please RSVP for the event by May 9th  to .

We hope to see you there!

40 Years  

John Strait

35 Years 

Mary Alberg                                

Margaret Allende

John Chattin-McNichols

Cal Ihler

Susan Kezele

James Risser

Andrew Tadie

30 Years

Abdolhossein Ansari

Suellen Baehr

Patrick Baldwin-McCurdy

Mary Barrientes

Ryszard Dopierala

Wayne Hauck

James Hembree

Jodi Kelly

John Mitchell

Michael Morgan

Jeremy Stringer

25 Years

Antonio Arteaga

Matthew Burton

Annette Clark

J. Godfrey

Paul Kidder

Paulette Kidder

Carmelita Krasucki

Kevin Krycka

Charles Lawrence

Carl Obermiller

Erik Olsen

Jaime Perozo

Victor Reinking

Marylou Sena

Ruben Trevino

Susan Weihrich




20 Years 

Kristin Cheney

Carol Cochran

Sharon Cumberland

Vinay Datar

Peter Fewing

Tomas Guillen

Bridget Hiedemann

Carol Kelly

Henry McGee

Jacquelyn Miller

Cham Nguyen

Ignatius Ohno, SJ

Susan Oistad

Patrick O'Leary, SJ

John Popko

Mary-Antoinette Smith

Lynette Splinter

James Tolton

Patricia Tucker

Nina Valerio

Josef Venker, SJ

Toni Vezeau      

15 Years    

Sarah Bee

Kay Beisse

June Bube

Robert Cornwell

Satcha Dearborn Graham

John Dienhart

Shusen Ding

Robert Duniway

Gregory Felton

Terry Foster

Carmen Gonzalez


Kelly Green

Le Hy

Ben Kim

Tat Lam

Gail Lasprogata

Valerie Lesniak

Erica Lilleleht

Terry Lundmark

Michael Matriotti

Thomas Murphy, SJ

ThuThuy Phan


Deborah Phillips

Terry Read

W. Edward Reed

Ehtesham Rehmani

Miriam Samuel

Diane Schmitz

Teodora Shuman

Gregory Silverman

Michael Smith

Matthew Walsh

Simone Winston

10 Years

Peter Alaimo

Gabriel Anderson

Joaquin Avila

Ken Benoit

Cordula Brown

Patricia Buchsel

Nancy Bush

Niranjan Chipalkatti

Carolyn Coffin

Benjamin Curtis

Susan Earley

Robert Efird

Ekaterina Emm

Erin Engelhardt

Amy Eva

Christina Faulhaber

A. Garoutte

Jonathan Green

Elaine Gunn


Paul Holland

Audrey Hudgins

Joanne Hughes Clark

Anita Jablonski

Cinda Johnson

Kent Koth

Amy Lane

Eric Larson

Jennifer Marrone

Emily McCracken

Agnieszka Miguel

Cynthia Moe-Lobeda

AnaLuisa Orantes-Seijo

Tracey Pepper

Tina Potterf

Daniel Powers

Catherine Punsalan-Manlimos

Meenakshi Rishi

Richard Sanchez


Jennifer Schulz

Rebecca Severson

Elizabeth Sikes

Michael Silver

Mo Sin

Heath Spencer

Kendra Stegner

Troy Sterk

Christopher Stipe

Trish Stone

Kathleen Straughan

Marjorie Swanson-Talt

Barbara Swatt-Engstrom

Leann Wagele

Merica Whitehall

Timothy Wilson

Stephanie Zimmerman

5 Years 

Amber Archibald

Adoracion Asuncion-Reed

April Atwood

Sonia Barrios Tinoco

Kelly Benkert

Joan Bonvicini

Sandra Brierley

Shannon Britton

Tyrone Brown

Terrence Carroll

Ronald Clark

Brooke Coleman

Lori Cray

Donald Dollar

Cameron Dollar

Gillian Dutton

Eric Eberhard

Kate Elias

Christie Eppler

Linda Frothinger

Bryn Gribben

Feliza Guidero

Jeffrey Harris

Allison Henrich

Colette Hoption

Michael Jones

Christopher Kalinko

Woo-Joong Kim

Emily Lieb

Deirdre Longenecker     

Kacie Lopez

Tony Ly

Ryan Lync

Michael Maguire

Kira Mauseth

Matthew McCabe

Stephen Miller

Alexander Mouton

Susan Murphy

Douglas Nash

Marilyn Nash

Sarah Oakley

Katie Oliveras

Kristen O'Neill

Rev. Dr. Daniel Peterson

David Powers

Brooke Rufo Hill

James Sloughter

Aerika Street

Darren Talley

Skee Vigness-Evjen

Eric Watson, S.J.

Kevin White

Mary Yu



AUDIENCE: Faculty , Staff


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