Alumni Relations strategic plan update

A message from Susan Vosper, assistant vice president for Alumni Relations:

The Alumni Relations team held several strategic planning sessions over the course of the summer and has engaged our cross-university partners in the process. We reviewed and reinforced the vision and mission set forth for Alumni Relations at Seattle U. This year the team  examined the entire lifecycle of our alumni, from prospective student through older alumni. What resulted is a comprehensive plan that delivers compelling programs and opportunities that meet the needs of our alumni in a relevant and contemporary way.

Our four key goals remain the same, but we have developed new strategies and measures for FY14. Within the plan, we'll be putting a heavy focus on young alumni, professional development, chapters and regional programming and bringing reunions back to Seattle U. This is in addition to the work already happening to expand benefits and services for alumni; improving and increasing the university's marketing to its graduates; fostering a more active, engaged role for the Alumni Board of Governors; and developing an operational and resource model that supports all of these initiatives. 

We are pleased to share our 2013-14 strategic plan, which is AVAILABLE HERE. Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at or 398-4317.

To find out more about the Alumni Relations team and who to contact, visit AR Office.



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