Palanca sought for May 10-12 Search Retreat

Dear Faculty and Staff,
The Search Retreat, put on by Campus Ministry, is taking place on May 10-12. On Saturday evening, the Search retreatants will be presented with something called "Palanca." It is Spanish for "lever" or "influence." Palanca is a special gift that consists of letters and notes of love and support written for and to the retreatants by family members,  friends and loved ones. This part of the retreat emphasizes the essence of what the Search Retreat provides-community, growth, support and love.   
Below you will find a list of the students who are attending the upcoming Search Retreat. We would like to invite you all to give your love and support in a special way-an affirmation of your experiences of the retreatant in your life. We encourage letters that express the appreciation or love you feel for the retreatant, the encouragement you would like to offer them, the special memories you have shared with them, and/or your gratitude for the gifts they have offered you. No letter or message is too long or too short--it can be as simple as an inspirational quote, a poem or a fond memory. Your participation is incredibly important-especially because students only attend this retreat once during their time at SU. They do have other opportunities later to work in helping to put the retreat together but those opportunities do not include this activity again.

Deadline for Palancais May 10 at noon. Palanca can be sent to the Campus Ministry main office by mail, fax or e-mail:

Campus Ministry (Student Center 120)
901 12th  Avenue
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, Washington 98122
ATTN: Palanca for  ____________
Fax:          (206)  296-6097 

Please send your Palanca so we receive it no later than May 10. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Francisco Bujanda at or 296-5731. Thank you for your help in making the Search Retreat a meaningful and rewarding experience for our students.

Peace and prayers,

Francisco Bujanda
Campus Minister For Retreats

Spring 2013 Searchers

Adriana Jackson

Adrianna Hennessey

Alexandra Stoffel

Ali McCutcheon

Alora McGavin

Anarose Reardon-Helferd

Andre Paul Silberman

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