Palanca Invited for Feb. 8-10 Search Retreat Participants

The Search Retreat, put on by Campus Ministry, is taking place on Feb. 8-10. On Saturday evening, the Search retreatants will be presented with something called "Palanca." It is Spanish for "lever" or "influence." Palanca is a special gift that consists of letters and notes of love and support written for and to the retreatants by family members, friends and loved ones. Below you will find a list of the students who are attending the upcoming Search Retreat. Faculty and staff are encouraged to write letters of appreciation or encouragement to the participating retreatants. The deadline is Feb. 8 at 10 a.m. Palanca can be sent to the Campus Ministry main office by mail, fax or e-mail:

Campus Ministry (Student Center 120)
901 12th  Avenue
P.O. Box 222000
Seattle, Washington 98122
ATTN: Palanca for  ____________
Fax:          (206)  296-6097

Please contact Francisco Bujanda at or (206) 296-5731 with any questions.

Search Winter 2013 Retreatants

Ada Rinne; Jillian Armstrong; Robin Curry; Calli Rose Parise; Jennifer Whalen; Lisa Gertridge; Maddison Treadwell; Michael Lott; Margaret Read; Kevin Dunham; Erik Hagberg; Carla Bennett; Claire Siegel; Kate Baumgartner; Carmina Brandl; James Cashman; Michael Larson; Finn Anderson; Laken Holgate; Kristen Wieliczka; Alexander Ozkan; Evelynn Kaplan; Marcela Valle; Samantha Eisen; Emily Kelley; Nora Faulkner; Katherine Fukumoto; Katie Athis; Elizabeth Jester; Morgan Burdick; Sean Callahan; Kimia Rahmati; Morgan Rodriguez; Helen Packer; Sidney Lee; Krista Kent; Kaitlin Sager; Kelsey Smith; Pareesa Gosntasebi; Alexandra von Russow; Madison Hiday; Connor Hartling; Brianna Breimayer; Sierra Fitch; Carissa Shenko; Sarah Vaira; Carson Tidyman; Sylvia Hadnot; Eliza Jordan; Jessie Almli; Conner McQueen; Rebecca Gasman; Mariah Hanley; Victoria Thompson; Dalton Reed; Kathryn Gilbert; Ruby Greenberg; Ashton Scott; Joshua Bell; Ngan Trihn; Shawna Anderson; Jillian Looney; Lianabell Soto-Silva; Madison Kylie Spillman; Claire Giordano; Marc Delgado; and Sean Mackinson.


AUDIENCE: Faculty , Staff