Blood Drive - Feb. 5 and 6

Calling all healthy people who are eligible to donate blood! You are needed. We all know someone who isn't feeling well or has had the flu this year- it's really been going around! So much so that it's really impacted our local blood supply. Remember- patients who need blood transfusions are already in life-compromising circumstances. Cancer patients especially have suppressed immune systems. What they need is healthy blood- with the ability to reproduce more healthy blood cells. And with so many of our regular donors feeling under the weather, the willingness to donate is there but the ability to give what our patients truly need is not. If you are healthy, please donate blood. Your community will thank you. Learn more at

CONTACT: Krista Fink, Puget Sound Blood Center. (206) 422-1686

DATE OF EVENT: Tuesday, Feb. 5 and Wednesday, Feb. 6
EVENT TIME: 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
EVENT LOCATION: Bellarmine Turnaround

AUDIENCE: Faculty , Staff , Students