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Seattle University


Words of Wisdom

Written by Annie Beckmann
September 20, 2011

At yesterday’s new student convocation, Associated Students of Seattle University President Katie Wieliczkiewicz had three main points she wanted incoming students to keep in mind during their freshman year: ask for help, enjoy what you do and take a break. 

“Your professors are engaged and they want you to be, too. Push your limits with research projects,” said the senior majoring in strategic communications and public affairs. 

“A holistic education is more than sitting in a dark corner reading a book. Bring your experiences and your personality to it." 

President Stephen Sundborg, S.J., had similarly encouraging words for the students. “Follow the intellectual passion of your professors until you find your own,” he said. 

Father Sundborg posed several questions to the capacity crowd of faculty and new students assembled in the North Court at Connolly.  

“For whom will you get your college education? Whom will it benefit? How will it be used? There are four answers to these questions: For others, for yourself, for the Earth and for God,” he said. 

Sundborg illustrated how blessed the new students were to be embarking on a college education by telling them that if the world population was reduced to a village of 100, only one person in that village would have a college degree.  

“What a gift it is! How fortunate you are. Make the most of it,” he urged.