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Seattle University


Why He Did It

Written by Mike Thee
October 20, 2010

As you may have seen, Dean David Powers of the College of Arts and Sciences rappelled off of the Casey Building last month. (Scroll down for the video.) The Commons recently caught up with the dean to ask why he did it, what the experience was like and whether he’d do it again. Here’s what he shared: 

“Lt. Col Farquharson asked me if I was interested in rappelling with the ROTC. I agreed because it sounded like fun. I enjoyed it when I did it years ago in scouts (I’m an Eagle scout), and it seemed like a good way to highlight the activities of our students in the ROTC program.  

 “It was exhilarating to rappel off Casey! The view from the roof is quite breathtaking, though I must admit that on the way down I was focused on the rope and the wall rather than the view.

It would be fun to do it again sometime with the ROTC, which by the way is the only student group with permission to do it. However, I’ll stick with the traditional way of going down, rather than walking straight down face first 'Australian style' like recent SU grad Lieutenant Joe Locke did.”