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Seattle University


We're #1!

Written by Barb Hauke, Albers School of Business and Economics
June 3, 2013

Bloomberg BusinessWeek announced today that Seattle University's Albers School of Business and Economics ranked #1 in the nation as the best undergraduate macroeconomics program. The ranking is based on student survey responses that rank specialty areas. It comes on the heels of Albers being ranked #3 in sustainability in the same survey.

"We are honored to be recognized by Bloomberg BusinessWeek for the strength of our undergraduate economics program," said Joe Phillips, dean of Albers. "The ranking speaks to the value of having our economics program within the business school," which, he added, frequently is not the case. "(The ranking) also speaks to the academic excellence of Albers and Seattle University."

Albers offers a rigorous macroeconomics curriculum that focuses on theory and its application. The school also offers courses in applying macro models to economic growth, forecasting business conditions and a variety of courses in financial markets.

Here's some of the student feedback that was shared as part of the survey results.

"The teachers are outstanding and very accessible outside of class. Also, the Albers Placement Center is incredible. They put on great programs and truly have a vested interest in the students. All of the staff [are] extremely helpful and knowledgeable."

"Due to the small class sizes you are able to get to know professors and students better. It is a personalized experience and the professors clearly care about their subject matter and their students. Also the support services offered are excellent. My education is extremely well-rounded in many disciplines even though I have a business focus. I appreciate the schools dedication to social justice and ethics as well."

Learn more about the rankings at BloombergBusinessWeek.