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Vox Populi: How do you define "justice?"

Written by Mike Thee
November 24, 2009

The Center for the Study of Justice in Society (CSJS) wants to hear from you.

How do you define “justice?”

What or who inspires your belief?

How should we live justice?

The CSJS is interested in your response to any or all of these questions. To share your thoughts, just post a comment below. With your permission, the center will share your insights on its website at to better engage the campus community in this important dialogue. The CSJS is a university-wide center housed in Academic Affairs. Its mission is to mentor and promote faculty scholarship related to justice, including community-based, empirical and pedagogical research. 

About the fresco above: Justice is portrayed as a woman, left, in Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s “Allegory of the Good Government.” The fresco appears as part of a three-part series in Palazzo Pubblico where Siena's chief magistrates, the Nine, held their meetings. Thanks to Naomi Kasumi, associate professor of Fine Arts and CSJS board member.