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Top Stories of the Year

Written by Mike Thee
June 19, 2013

In an academic year that saw the election of the firs Jesuit pope, The Commons' readers seemed to be in even more of an Ignatian state of mind than usual. Six of the ten most highly read articles from 2012-2013 featured Jesuits. Here are the top stories as measured by unique page views.

1.  Meet the Jesuits of 2012-2013: The annual group picture is always a favorite, and this year it topped them all.
(879 unique page views)

2.  Scott McClellan is appointed vice president for communications: It's not every year that a former press secretary joins SU's staff--clearly our readers were interested!
(842 unique page views)

3.  Rector Pat Howell, S.J., speaks on the election of Pope Francis I: Father Howell was preparing to talk about Pope Benedict's unexpected decision to step down when the white smoke began to billow over the Vatican. That set the stage for some serious cramming as the rector's talk was scheduled for the next day.
(463 unique page views)

4.  Red Fridays, the Jesuit way: Five Jesuits in red clerics doing "the hawk" in the Library Plaza--how  could this one miss?
(366 unique page views)

5.  Presumed Incompetent: Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs of the College of Arts and Sciences and Carmen González of the School of Law, co-edit a book about women of color in academia and the higher education community takes note.
(313 unique page views)

6.  Father Venker serves up a "cheap-o-cino": Josef Venker, S.J., chair of Fine Arts, demonstrates that he is as artistic with a blender as he is with other media.
(268 unique page views)

7. Right at Home: The class of 2016 visits SU during summer orientation.
(262 unique page views)

8.  2012-2013 Q&A with the president: Father Sundborg fields all questions, serious and absurd alike, in his annual interview.
(259 unique page views)

9. A Most Fitting Tribute: Beloved Jesuit Pat O'Leary receives the St. Ignatius Medal at SU's 2012 Gala.
(233 unique page views)

10.  The Next Five Years: Father Sundborg plots an ambitious course for his fourth term.
(231 unique page views)