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The Return of The Commons

Written by Mike Thee, Editor
February 9, 2017

Hi again. It’s been a while.

In late October, The Commons, SU’s faculty and staff news site, went on a mini sabbatical, as it were. The break was occasioned by the site’s transition to Terminal 4, the university’s new content management system. (The Commons and a few other sites were the last hold-outs still using the old CMS). In any case, we took the opportunity this transition provided to refresh the site.

In its newly relaunched form, The Commons looks a lot different. For one thing, the corkboard is gone—not sure if that’s to anyone’s dismay—and the site is aligned with the look and feel of the university’s brand.

Aside from the more obvious visual enhancements, we’ve also tried to make the site more navigable and its information easier to consume. To take a couple of examples, faculty and staff achievements are featured more prominently and photos in the Snapshot section are displayed in a more dynamic, interesting way.

So that’s the design. As far as content, much has happened—internationally and, certainly, nationally—during The Commons’ hiatus. The same can be said here on our campus. Since late October, we have seen many developments, some of which are featured on the site. Here are just a few. 

  • Last fall, SU received an NSF grant to create a national model for supporting more women and underrepresented minorities in the sciences.

  • In recent months, a number of faculty and staff have received awards and recognitions, including Mary Alberg of Science and Engineering, Becky Cobb of the School of Theology and Ministry, and our President Stephen V. Sundborg, S.J. 
  • Since late October, the university has also been recognized as a leader in sustainability, food service and salaries after graduation.

Now that The Commons is back in business, please keep sending us your ideas, feedback and most important, your stories—yes, volunteer writers are always welcome and appreciated. Thanks for your patience as the site underwent its metamorphosis and thanks for your continued support and guidance.