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Support the fallen: Donations being collected

Written by Kyle Schwab
December 8, 2009

To the SU Community,

In the past couple of weeks, we have all been witness to a series of violent attacks that has rocked the very foundation of an institution that we as citizens critically depend on: the horrific and cold-blooded murders of five of our state’s brave, courageous, and indispensable police officers. All too often in our society, we forget to realize the extreme amount of pressure and danger that police officers willingly subject themselves to day in and day out in the name of safety, order, justice and the greater good. Sometimes, people tend to think of police officers as protectors that are separate from the rest of society and forget that they’re actually protectors in our society. But they’re also more than that; they are friends, neighbors and valued members of our community. The police risk their lives every day for us, and it’s time that we members of the community to do something for our fallen brothers and sisters and their families.

The SU Criminal Justice Club and Alpha Phi Sigma-Pi Delta are proud to be representing the Criminal Justice Department staff, and students, by holding a collection for our lost community members in the hopes to show to the world that we as a community are proud of our local law enforcement, their supportive families, and that we will stand by them and support them in any circumstance, just as they do for us. Donation jars are available in the following locations for anyone who wishes to make any monetary contribution for the families of the fallen officers:

  • Campus Assistance Center (CAC) in the Student Center
  • Bellarmine Residence Hall Front Desk
  • Murphy Apartments Front Desk
  • The Public Safety Office

Either cash or check is invited. Please make checks payable to: Lakewood Police Independence Guild Benevolent Fund. Donations will be accepted until the evening of Tuesday, Dec. 15.

Please stand with us as we show our appreciation for those without whom society could not stand.

Thank you all for your time and consideration.     

Kyle Scwhab

President of Pi Delta, the Criminal Justice Honor Society 

(Editor’s note: As reported in the Seattle Times, the family of Timothy Brenton, the Seattle Police officer killed in the line of duty in October, asked that the Brenton Family Assistance Fund be closed and that “Anyone wishing to provide any financial support should devote it to the Lakewood Police Independent Guild.”)