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Seattle University


Scholarly Summer

Science and Engineering undergraduates present their research

Written by Mike Thee
October 24, 2017

The lazy days of summer, you say? 

Not for a number of undergraduate students and their faculty mentors in the College of Science and Engineering who were hard at work on research projects. The results of their scholarly efforts were on display Friday, Oct. 20, with poster presentations lining the walls of the Bannan Arboretum. 

Funded by a combination of generous individuals and foundations, 82 students with guidance from 34 faculty advisors engaged in projects spanning virtually every STEM discipline, from “Frankensteining Proteins: Using Sortase as a Way to Regulate IsmaMI” to “Ligand Selectivity in a Pathogenic preQ₁ Riboswitch Apatamer Domain” to “Probing the Depths of the Proton Sea”--explained in the picture above by student researcher Ethan Hunt (advised by Physics Professor Mary Alberg). 

“Thanks to the hard work of many talented people, we have established a strong culture of undergraduate student research here at Seattle University,” writes Michael Quinn, dean of the College of Science and Engineering. “These projects are an important part of the professional development of these students.”