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Seattle University


Now That's a Mouthful!

Written by Annie Beckmann
November 22, 2011

The name Wieliczkiewicz sure is a mouthful—in more ways than one.

That long—a whopping six vowels and eight consonants—and tricky-to-pronounce last name of Katie Wieliczkiewicz, inspired a winning effort by Bon Appétit.

Wieliczkiewicz, the first female president of the Associated Students of Seattle University (ASSU) in more than a decade, acknowledged her weakness for cookies, particularly an old family recipe of her mom’s that includes oatmeal, pecans, chocolate chips and dried cranberries, also called Craisins.   

In no time, Buzz Hofford, resident district manager for Bon Appétit, and his staff of gastronomic fabricators developed a way to celebrate Wieliczkiewicz’s ASSU presidency with what’s now called the Katie W. Mouthful, a humongous cookie with all her favorite ingredients. The first taste test of the everything-in-one cookie produced by Bon Appétit was a winner, says Wieliczkiewicz (pictured above, receiving the cookie from Hofford), and required not even a single modification.  

“The added drizzle of dark and white chocolate on top was a surprise and a nice touch,” she says. 

Imagine having an irresistible treat made to your specifications available just a few steps from your office. Available only in the Hawk’s Nest Bistro on the third floor of the Student Center (a short hop from ASSU headquarters), the Katie W. Mouthful has fast become a well-liked confection, says Hofford. Since the start of classes this fall, the Hawk’s Nest Bistro has sold more than 1,000 of these cookies at $2.50 each. 

With an apple fritter christened in honor of University Librarian John Popko (sold only at The Byte) and now a Wieliczkiewicz cookie, Bon Appétit is amenable to creating or naming culinary treats for campus figures or events, according to Hofford, although he doesn’t get many requests.  

“Katie raised the stakes,” he says. 

He pointed to the Hawk’s Nest Bistro display case, which features cake pops decorated in semi-formal trimmings in honor of the recent Fall Ball sponsored by SU’s Student Events and Activities Council.  

Watch this video to learn how Wieliczkiewicz pronounces her name: