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New Faces

Nearly 100 new faculty and staff joined SU in time for 2016-2017

Written by Marcom and Office of Executive VP
October 11, 2016

As shown at last month's President's Welcome, a great number of faculty and staff joined our ranks in time for the current academic year--nearly 100, to be more specific. Here's the full list, with thanks to Anne Moran in the Office of the Executive Vice President. (Note: Some are familiar faces in new roles.)


Albers School of Business and Economics  

  • Davit Adut - Visiting Assistant Professor, Accounting  
  • Bo Han - Instructor, Finance  
  • Misuk Lee - Assistant Professor, Management  

College of Arts and Sciences  

  • Shari Ross Altarac - Lecturer, Communications and Journalism  
  • Kathryn Bollich - Assistant Professor, Psychology  
  • James Clune - Lecturer, Communications and Journalism  
  • Rika Dunlap - Instructor, Philosophy  
  • Stella Gran-O'Donnell - Lecturer, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work  

College of Arts and Sciences  

  • Jing Iris Hu - Instructor, Philosophy  
  • Janice Moskalik - Instructor, Philosophy  
  • Ebasa Sarka - Assistant Professor, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work  
  • Patrick Schoettmer - Instructor, Political Science  
  • Kristen Thompson - Professor, English  
  • Andrea Vecchione - Instructor, Theology and Religious Studies  

College of Nursing  

  • Lisa Abel - Instructor  
  • Michael Kennedy - Instructor  
  • Kumhee Ro - Instructor  

College of Science and Engineering  

  • Mustafa Al-Lail - Lecturer, Computer Science and Software Engineering  
  • Pavel Bolokhov - Lecturer, Physics  
  • Robert Duffin  - Lecturer, Physics  
  • Pejman Khadivi - Instructor, Computer Science and Software Engineering  
  • David Lillethun - Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Software Engineering  
  • Angela Siple - Lecturer, Mathematics  
  • Mehmet Vurkac - Lecturer, Electrical and Computer Engineering  
  • Liangmin Zhou - Lecturer, Mathematics  

College of Education  

  • Tyson E. J. Marsh - Associate Professor, K-12 Teaching, Learning and Social Justice  
  • Stacey Robbins - Assistant Professor, Leadership and Professional Studies  

School of Theology and Ministry  

  • Manuel Mejido - Instructor, Director, Center for Religious Wisdom and World Affairs  

School of New and Continuing Studies  

  • Wanda Gregory - Instructor, Digital Cultures Program  


Academic Affairs  

  • Amy Au - Office of Registrar, Academic Specialist Projects Coordinator  
  • Julia Campbell - College of Arts and Sciences, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Terry Edwards - Office of the Provost, Senior Executive Coordinator  
  • Matthew Etter - Law, Associate Director, Center for Professional Development  
  • Stacey Fullwiler - Lemieux Library, Library Circulation Manager  
  • Crystal Gonzales-Guzman - College of Nursing, Clinical Services Assistant  
  • Kayla Huddleston - College of Arts and Sciences, Anthropology, Sociology and Social Work, Graduate Program Coordinator  
  • Christina Hughes - Albers School of Business and Economics, Graduate BUE Services, Graduate Program Coordinator  
  • Holly Johanknecht - Law, Assistant Director, Alaska Program  
  • Paige Khoury - Albers School of Business and Economics, Management, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Alice Lee - College of Science and Engineering, Chemistry, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Brooke Pinkham - Law, Staff Director, Center for Indian Law and Policy  
  • Jaime Macadangdang - Center for Community Engagement, Budget and Grant Coordinator  
  • Kathleen McGill - Center for Leadership Formation, Manager, Executive Programs Outreach  
  • Luvetra Miles - Center for Community Engagement, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Karina Saunders - Fostering Scholars, Asst. Director  
  • Sophia Sansone - Planning Office, Accreditation and Assessment Manager  
  • Kia Smith - Student Academic Services, Premajor Studies Advisor  
  • Jean Stean - School of Theology and Ministry, Assistant Director, Admissions and Student Services  
  • Ethan Talbott - Albers School of Business and Economics, Deans Office, Graduate Advisor and Recruiter  
  • John Teegarden - College of Science and Engineering, Mathematics, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Darozyl Touch - Center for Community Engagement, Bailey Gatzert School Success Coordinator  
  • Andrea Vargas - Lemieux Library, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Meisha Wangerin - SFS, Senior Financial Aid Counselor  
  • Colin Watrin - Law, Assistant Director, Admission and Student Life  
  • Gregory Wolfe - Office of the Provost, Senior Fellow ~ Religion and the Arts  
  • Rose Zbiegien - Military Science, Senior Administrative Asst.  

Executive Vice President  

  • Christopher Barrett - DPS, Campus Security Officer  
  • Andrew Buccino - DPS, Campus Security Officer  
  • Jason Dandino - Athletics, Trainer  
  • Sarah Finney - Athletics, Senior Information Director  
  • Andy Granbois - Investigator/Deputy Title IX Coordinator  
  • Zachary Habner - Athletics, Ticket Coordinator and Fan Development  
  • Melinda Heikkinen - DPS, Assistant Director, Training Development and Investigations  
  • Matthew Johnson - DPS, Campus Security Officer  
  • David Le - DPS, Communication Center Dispatcher  
  • Brandon Mitalas - Athletics, Asst. Coach, Women's Soccer  
  • Jessica Palmer - Office of Institutional Equity, Senior Administrative Assistant/Office Manager  

Finance and Business Affairs  

  • Ruchi Aggarwal - Facilities Administration, Director of Finance for Facilities and Conference Event Services  
  • Eric Elliott - Facilities, Recycling Coordinator and Compost Technician  
  • Linda Floyd - Conference and Event Services, Operations Coordinator  
  • Patrick Gordon - Office of Senior VP for Finance and Business Affairs, Senior Executive Coordinator  
  • Haley Hubbard - ITS, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Fabio Osorio - Facilities, Lead Custodian  
  • Sarah Schmidt - ITS, Project Manager  
  • Tonia Simanton - Reprographics, Retail Services Coordinator  
  • Chris Van Liew - Vice President for Information Technology, CIO  
  • Charles Van Wey - Reprographics, Copyright Coordinator  

Human Resources  

  • Michelle Clements - Vice President for Human Resources  
  • Stefani Coverson - Human Resources Director  
  • Danika Ham - Human Resources Recruiter  
  • Jeffrey Pixler - Human Resources Director  

Marketing Communications  

  • Matthew Miller - Marketing Communications, Social Media Marketing Specialist  

Student Development  

  • Jazz Allen Espiritu - Housing and Residence Life, Resident Director  
  • Anna Robertson - Campus Ministry, Campus Minister for Retreats  
  • Frank Savadera, S.J. - Campus Ministry  
  • Amy Sytsma - Housing and Residence Life, Resident Director  
  • Stephanie Toppin - CAPS, Administrative Assistant  

University Advancement  

  • Alison Davidson - University Advancement, Advancement Events Coordinator  
  • Kimberly Jelly - Advancement Services, Systems Support Coordinator  
  • Monica Scott - Office of the Vice President, Executive Coordinator
  • Lizette Solarik - Advancement Services, Senior Administrative Assistant  
  • Angela White - Alumni  Engagement, Reunion Manager  

University Counsel  

  • Jordan Talge - Associate University Counsel