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Seattle University


National Leader

Written by Mike Thee
November 5, 2010

Seattle University is one of the leading producers of Fulbright scholars, as reported in The Chronicle of Higher Education. The three SU students who earned a Fulbright for this year place the university among the top 14 Fulbright-producing schools in the land. Only eight master’s institutions in the land have secured more Fulbright awards than SU.

“(Our student recipients) know firsthand that getting a Fulbright is a tremendous accomplishment,” says Theresa Earenfight, chair of the history department and faculty director of the Office of Fellowships. “But it is not only a measure of the achievement of the students who receive the award, whose lives are changed forever by the experience. It says a lot about the university that fosters the depth and breadth of learning that marks a Fulbright scholar—academic rigor in a discipline, intensive language study and a vision of a world enriched by scholarly exchange.”

Office of Fellowships Coordinator Luke Green concurs. “Seattle University’s presence on this list says a great deal about our students, their dedication and their intellectual gifts. It also speaks to the supportive campus community we have built around our Fulbright advising process. We have created a campus culture that encourages students to pursue competitive academic grants like the Fulbright and provides them with the tools to do so successfully.”

This is the third time in four years that the university has been included on the list of top Fulbright-producing institutions. The feat is emblematic of the success SU students continue to have in securing prestigious scholarships. Last year 18 students received nationally competitive, merit-based scholarships.