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Seattle University


Meet SU's Jesuits

October 13, 2009

Front row (left to right): Dave Anderson (Alumni Chaplain), Frank Case (Albers, Law), Pat Howell (Rector), Jean Baptiste Ganza (MBA student, Rwanda Province), Eric Watson (Chemistry) and Fernando Álvarez Lara (STM student).

Second row (left to right): Jerry Cobb (English), Mike Bayard (Campus Ministry), Peter Ely (V.P., Mission and Ministry), Bob Egan (Pastoral Ministry), Tom Murphy (History), Pat O’Leary (University Chaplain), Ron Funke (Pastoral Ministry) and Dave Leigh (English).

Third row (left to right): Steve Sundborg (President), Josef Venker (Fine Arts), Paul Janowiak (STM), Pat Kelly (Theology, Study of Sport), Natch Ohno (Student Development), Mike Kelliher (Criminology) and Hugh Duffy (Assistant Rector, English, Theology).

Back row (left to right): Roger Gillis (Student Success), David Henry (STM student), John Topel (Pastor, Port Townsend), Pat Twohy (Superior Rocky Mountain Mission, Urban Native American Ministry) and John Foster (Matteo Ricci College, English).

Not pictured: Jim Reichmann (Philosophy) and Emmett Carroll (Pastor, Bainbridge).