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I Am Grateful for...

Written by The Commons
November 20, 2012

Many--well--THANKS to everyone who shared their thoughts on what it is about SU that they are most grateful for. Here they are…  

Things about SU I'm grateful for:  

  • The various learning opportunities we all have, such as the STM's annual BookFest, the Arrupe Seminar, the faculty/staff retreats, the parade of guest speakers on campus every year, Colleagues. 
  • All our special students, especially the ones who get me to laugh. 
  • SU colleagues who still want to have lunch with me after 15 years. 
  • Our very own St. Ignatius, Fr. Pat, who takes us on some wonderful pilgrimage adventures? No one knows this stuff as well as he does for sure. ;-)

- Gayle Sommerfeld, prospect research analyst, University Advancement 

This fall a few things stand out for me:

1. The eagerness, open-mindedness and curiosity of my freshman geology students. 

2. The encouragement and freedom to design interesting courses in the new Core. 

- Lyn Gualtieri, instructor, general and environmental science 

Rain or shine, it is always a joy when I first step on campus. Whether it is a wetland garden or the green sward filled with playful dogs, I marvel at the wondrous beauty that is part of my commute each day. I carry that comfort and happiness into the building with me every morning. I am so very grateful for the gift of this beauty.

- Patricia Whitney, administrative coordinator, Dean's Office, College of Science and Engineering 

I am grateful for the beautiful grounds that surround us and the dogs with waggily tails they attract.

I am grateful for the personal generosity of colleagues who are so kind and thoughtful when adversity strikes.

I am grateful for the SU Reads Book Club and the fun discussions we have.

I am grateful for the leadership of our Deans and the commitment they make to our students and faculty.

I am grateful for the Jesuits for their service to us, our students, our alumni, and the greater community.

I am grateful for the art collection and how it is there to return to at will.

I am grateful for the Chapel and the ability to go there for prayer.

I am grateful for our students who keep me upbeat and inspire me with all they do-work, service, study, classes, and have fun with their peers.

I feel very fortunate to have worked at SU for these past eight-plus years.

- Gail Yates, senior development officer, Albers School of Business and Economics 

I am grateful for the generous health benefits: the free fitness center classes, the free 12 sessions with a wellness coach, and the free health screenings. I am also grateful for the affordable opportunities for quiet reflection that are designed for employees of all faiths like the weekly lunch time guided meditations, the weekend Ignatian Silent Retreat and the spring women's retreat.

- Karen Price, campus sustainability manager 

The people.

- Jay Heitman, electrical shop lead 

I'm grateful for the community that SU creates where people will pull together to support others in the community in a time of need.  The recent loss that Mark Murray and his family experienced has illustrated how we show caring and support by mobilizing to pool our resources and extend a hand.  I am also very grateful for the response of SU students and Public Safety at the time of a life-threatening medical emergency of another of our staff in Facilities.  That made all the difference for a happy ending.

- Donna Horn, Manager of Operations and Quality, Facilities Services  

And while we're on the subject..If you haven't seen it, check out the latest column written by Rector Pat Howell, S.J., "Thanksgiving as a time for reconciliation has postelection meaning," which appeared in the Seattle Times on Nov. 16.