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Seattle University


Highly Regarded

Written by Mike Thee
July 31, 2012

Seattle University is featured in the 2013 Fiske Guide to Colleges. Consulted by millions of prospective students and their families, the selective guide considered 2,200 four-year colleges in the United States, Canada and Great Britain before choosing just 319 institutions for inclusion. 

According to the publication's news release, the guide includes "the best and most interesting colleges and universities with details on academics, campus setting, student body, financial aid, housing, food, social life, and extracurricular activities." 

The Fiske Guide explains its role as this: "So many students approach the college selection process by limiting their sights to local institutions, the pet schools of their parents or guidance counselors, or ones they know by possibly outdated reputations. One of the most important purposes of Fiske Guide to Colleges 2013…  is to broaden students' horizons about American higher education and help them select the right college that coincides with their particular needs, goals, interests, talents, and personalities." 

Seattle University has previously been featured in the publication, including last year. The university's Jesuit and interreligious ethos, coupled with its leadership in sustainability, seems to be striking a chord with today's prospective students. Informing SU of its inclusion in the 2013 edition, the Fiske Guide wrote: "Special efforts were made to include a good selection of four types of institutions that seem to be enjoying special popularity at present: engineering and technical schools, those with a religious emphasis, those with an environmental focus, and those located along the Sunbelt." 

The Fiske Guide was begun more than 25 years ago by Edward Fiske, who at the time was the New York Times education editor, because he "sensed that college-bound students and their families needed better information on which to base their educational choices."