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Seattle University


Going inside the library

Written by Mike Thee
March 30, 2010

From the outside, the progress is evident. Now clad in bricks and glass, the McGoldrick Learning Commons is looking more and more like that architectural rendering affixed to the chain link fence now cordoning off the construction site.

Just as much headway is being made inside the addition as well as the Lemieux Library, and last week about a dozen library staff got to see for themselves what their future space is looking like with 181 days to go before the project's completion. They were led on literally a top-to-bottom tour of both buildings by John Popko, university librarian, and Steve De Bruhl, project manager.

On levels two and three of Lemieux, the group saw walls in place, painting almost complete, and the light and ceiling grid being roughed in. On levels four and five they found the ceiling and light grids installed, the walls painted and bathroom tiling underway (bathroom fixtures will be installed in the next couple weeks).Up on level six, library staff observed framing and drywall.

Over in McGoldrick the group found levels one and two framed and sheetrocked and saw that painting has begun. On level three they saw framing underway and the once exterior  marble panels of Lemieux being refinished as they are now part of McGoldrick’s interior.

In the next few weeks, floors three and four of Lemieux will be carpeted, and these will be the first two levels completed.