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Seattle University


Giving 'til it helps

Written by Mike Thee
July 6, 2010

When the call went out for donations of blood this year, the SU community responded heartily. In fact, the 2009-2010 academic year saw students, faculty and staff making donations in what the Puget Sound Blood Center believes were record numbers.

Here are some stats for the period covering August 2009-June 2010:

  • 574 SU people registered to donate
  • 140 were first time donors
  • 434 units were collected
  • 69 potential bone marrow donors registered

Kimberly Gitt of the PSBC puts these numbers into perspective: “That means these drives have helped up to 1,302 patients in our community. It is pretty incredible when you take a step back.”

Particularly heartening, Gitt says, were the numbers of new donors. “The statistics show that 80 percent of first-time donors become life-time donors. That means we now have over 100 new lifetime donors.”