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Seattle University


Army-Navy Game

Written by Mike Thee
January 14, 2011

Just when we thought the bowl season was over, it turns out there’s one more critical game to be contested on the gridiron. Seattle University’s Army ROTC cadets will take on the University of Washington’s Navy ROTC in a game of flag football 10 a.m. on Saturday, Jan. 22, at Logan Field. Talk about a rivalry—this one has it all: Army vs. Navy, SU vs. UW…

The Commons recently caught up with Lt. Col. Eric Farquharson, chair of the Department of Military Science, who for purposes of this game could be thought of as the team’s president or owner. Farquharson gamely responded to a series of questions running the gamut from the annual game’s origin to what kind of game plan the team is installing for the Jan. 22 matchup.

The Commons:  How long has this tradition been around?  

Lt. Col. Eric Farquharson:  A total of seven years—2002-2011 with a break from 2004-2006

The Commons:  How did the idea for the annual game come about?

EF:  A former Cadre member from Army ROTC here at SU felt it would build esprit de corps.

The Commons:  Does anyone serve as coach? How much preparation involved? Is there a lot of game-planning?

EF:  Yes, lots and yes. (Master Sergeant) Ron Credito (senior military instructor) is the coach with CDT Dominique Jandusay as the captain. The team practices a couple hours a week for a month, but the core of the team also played in the SU flag football tournament. The team spends a good amount of time drawing up the plans.

The Commons:  Does anyone officiate the game?

EF:  SU Rec Sports has officiated for the past two years and provided us with jerseys

The Commons:  Does the Wishbone made famous at West Point factor prominently in SU’s offense?

EF:  No! We like to air it out as well as run.

The Commons:  Break it down for us—what are some keys to watch for in this year’s game?

EF:  Can’t talk specifics—I come from the (famously tight-lipped) Bill Belichick school—but I do like our chances. We studied last year’s game in great detail and will plan on minimizing our weaknesses while focusing on our strengths.

The Commons:  What’s in it for the winner? Is there a trophy or cup or something?

EF:  Yes, there is a trophy that changes hands depending on who wins. UW NROTC has it now. We aim to change that.

The Commons:  Anything else faculty and staff should know about the game? 

EF:  It’s at 10 a.m. on Logan Field, Jan. 22. Come on out.