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Seattle University


A new era for Seattle University

Written by Mike Thee
February 1, 2010

President Stephen Sundborg, S.J., has proclaimed “A New Era for Seattle University” in his 2009-2010 President’s Report.

“After a period that began in 2000 and what our Strategic Plan called ‘A Decade for Distinction,’ we are now moving into a new era of education,” Fr. Sundborg writes. “As a Jesuit Catholic university we have accomplished much over the past 10 years, reaching milestones that have allowed us to arrive at where we are today—a premier independent university.”

Sundborg identifies four key areas that will allow SU to “reach even higher and ensure our success as a university.” These priorities are:

  • Academic excellence (“…an Academic Strategic Action Plan will be the main fulcrum for the kind of academic future that is attainable.”)
  • Global engagement (“I want all our students to see themselves as ‘international students’ for that is what they truly are.”)
  • Building community (“As a premier independent university known for its diversity, we will strengthen programs for student recruitment so we attract the most gifted students and those with the greatest need.”)
  • Student experience (“…there is more to do to assess and address the needs of our students to ensure their experiences are enriching and integrated within a Jesuit education.”)