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Paving the way to a nicer Lower Mall

Posted on Friday, August 13, 2010

Mall_Repaving_InnerThe Lower Mall is undergoing quite a transformation these days. First, French drains were installed on either side of the roadway. Next, gravel was applied to raise the surface up to curb level. Then, as pictured here, came the paving.

Bringing up the pavement so it's flush with the curbs will make the mall more pedestrian-friendly and less like a street, says Project Manager Steve De Bruhl.

The work in the Lower Mall is expected to be completed Aug. 20, and it's part of a larger paving project slated to be finished in early September. The paving is being done in conjunction with the construction of the Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons and the renovation of the newly renamed James C. Pigott Pavilion for Leadership.

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Forming excellent teachers

Posted on Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Just what is it that makes the College of Education's Master in Teaching (MIT) program so unique and effective? Find out by watching a new video featuring the faculty who teach in the program, the teachers who are educated and the young students who are the ultimate beneficiaries. 

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We all scream for...liquid nitrogen?

Posted on Friday, August 06, 2010

Liquid_Nitrogen_2_CredSue Jackels, left, director of the Summer Undergraduate Research Program, and students John Berude and Jake Felcyn prove you can make ice cream with liquid nitrogen at an open house last week. More than 40 students in the Science and Engineering Summer Research Project displayed a diversity of research. SLIDESHOW: Check out more scenes from the open house.

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