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Caption contest winner declared

Posted on Tuesday, May 17, 2011

TimOhnoSkydiving_SnapshotWe asked for captions for this picture of Major Tim Ohno, adjunct professor of military sciences, and received many creative replies. As further proof that great minds think alike, many, including Amy Lane of University Advancement sent in similar responses. Since Amy’s arrived first, she gets the prize, a Commons ball cap. Thanks to everyone who played. Here are the submissions: 

“Whaddya mean I don’t have a parachute on!!!”
Amy Lane, University Advancement  

“I’m leaving and taking my book with me!”
Barb Hauke, Albers School  

"Is it too late to withdraw my complaint about the food onboard?"
Casey Corr, Marketing Communications

“You forgot to attach my whaaaaaat?...........”
What?? I don’t hold the parachuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeooooooooooo????”
Jasmina Kostich, School of Law  

“But I thought Redhawks were flightless birds!”
Andrea King, University Advancement 

Simone Winston, School of Theology and Ministry 

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Beauty near Broadway Garage

Posted on Tuesday, May 03, 2011

KristenHeinemeyerFlowers_SnapshotInnerThank you, Kristen Heinemeyer of Mission and Ministry for sending in this photo of flowers near the Broadway Garage. “They were blooming one day last week, so I snapped the shot with my phone,” she writes. “I walked by them today, fearing they would have fallen because of the frequent rain, but they had simply closed up and must be waiting it out. They are a great reminder that spring exists, you just have to be patient, and wait it out.” Scroll down for more shots of spring at SU.

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