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One more for the celebrity photo contest...and a winner

Posted on Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Burnett_BaylorThanks to Mark Burnett of University Advancement for sending in this great shot of him and Elgin Baylor. The SU legend's framed jersey in the background is a nice added touch!

Congratulations to Melisa Zieglerof Career Services! Melisa's name was randomly drawn from among those who entered the celebrity photo contest. You can scroll down to see the picture she submitted. A big thank you to all who participated!

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Shots with celebs

Posted on Monday, October 11, 2010

We've already received some great pictures of SU faculty and staff with celebrities. The contest is open through Friday, Oct. 22, and the randomly drawn winner will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card. Scroll down to see the entries so far and send in your own shot today by e-mailing The Commons.


Here's a picture of of Melisa Ziegler (Career Services) with Sheila Taormina, an Olympic swimmer, triathlete and pentathlete. "She’s basically amazing!" writes Melisa. "I met her last summer at a motivational speech she did for Danskin  Triathlon participants. She let me wear her gold medal which was pretty cool."









Quinton Morris (Fine Arts), meanwhile, demonstrates a knack for the double-celebrity shot. In the picture to the left, Quinton appears with U.S. Congressman John Lewis (D-GA), right, and King County Councilmember Larry Gossett, left, following Quinton's debut performance at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle. In the picture to the right,  is with Quincy Jones, left, and Father Steve.


CC_JimmyresizedAnd finally, Casey Corr (Marketing Communications) had this hair-raising experience with President Jimmy Carter. Casey was at the White House as a writer for the Daily Journal American, a Bellevue-based newspaper that no longer exists. During this visit (circa 1978) he was telling the president he had earlier met his brother and mother, who both had visited the Seattle area.

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