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The most visited stories of 2013-2014 ran the gamut, to say the least

Story by: Mike Thee
Published: 2014-06-17

The 10 most read stories of the year featured Jesuits, academics, presidents, bibliophiles, gardeners and, yes, even zombies! Here's the list… 

1. "I Am the Future of… Politics"- Eric Chalmers, president of Student Government at Seattle University, is ready for a career in politics (608 unique views)

2. "The Jesuits of SU 2013-2014"- Members of SU's Arrupe Jesuit Community assemble for their annual group shot. (586 unique views)

3. "Field of the Year"- As Championship Field garners national accolades, SU's gardeners share some secrets behind its success (346 unique views)

4. "Thank You, Father Bayard"- Director of Campus Ministry Mike Bayard, S.J., reflects on his time at SU as he prepares for his next adventure (331 unique views)

5. "Well Read"- Kerry Keller-Ash is about to complete a quest to read 100 classics (319 unique views)

(Editor's note: In putting this list together, we wondered how Keller-Ash's literary journey turned out. The last we had heard, she was slogging her way through Finnegan's Wake , the final book she needed to read to complete the 100 classics. She responded: "I have made it about 60 pages farther in Finnegan's Wake  since we last talked. Haven't opened it in months. I have however started the Radcliffe's Rival 100 Best Novels List. Mostly because of the great overlap between the two lists I only have 29 to read. I started in March and have read 11." And guess which book is on the list of the 18 she has yet to read...You got it-"my old pal Finnegan's Wake," as Keller-Ash puts it.)  

6. "Q&A with Fr. Tom Lucas"- New rector of SU's Jesuit community sits down for a conversation (311 unique views)

7. "Social Justice through Literary Fiction"- Sonora Jha stretches beyond her comfort zone to tell an untold story (281 unique views)

8. "Zombies: Getting to the Core"- New course provides a historical perspective on the undead (267 unique views)

9. "Presidential Perspective"- Father Sundborg reflects on the soon-to-be-concluded academic year, and more…much more (263 unique views)

10. "Closing the Gap"- With a record-setting grant from the NSF, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is working to meet an industry need (260 unique views)



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