Karen Cowgill of Nursing incorporates a treadmill into her workspace

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I have to say that my officemate, Lindsay Leeder (nursing faculty member and advisor to the Sullivan Leadership program) is absolutely fantastic and has been really supportive of the whole treadmill thing-she claims it's just white noise in the background while she's working …

The Commons:  What advice would you give a faculty or staff colleague who's thinking about incorporating a treadmill into their work station? 

Karen Cowgill:  I would love to see more of these, though I realize they're not for everyone. Some of us feel that work is enough of a rat race without getting on an actual treadmill! Of course, anyone can take steps to increase low-level activity throughout the day and decrease time spent sitting - even standing improves health outcomes. 

The Commons:  How long have you been at SU, what's your area of expertise and what are you teaching these days? 

Karen Cowgill:  I've been teaching here since 2007, first as an adjunct, and since 2011 on the tenure track. My training is in infectious disease epidemiology, and I also have degrees in nursing and medical parasitology. They have me teach courses the students really love , like statistics and research methods! But I also get to teach fun stuff, like epidemiology to the master of nursing students, a course in global health, and I have two Social Sciences and Global Challenges Core offerings, one on the HIV pandemic and the other on parasites and the people they inhabit. And this will be my third year going to Nicaragua in the summer for a partnership with a nursing school and a center for children with disabilities down there-a colleague and I will be going down with five students in August. I love teaching. I also have the privilege of serving as vice president of Academic Assembly this year. The treadmill desk has been key to keeping me happy!

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Good news for those who want to be active at work, but don't want a treadmill -- check out this under-desk exercycle! http://www.magnetrainer.com/proddetail.php?prod=DeskCycle I'm going to get one for my desk at home. No assembly (or electricity) required, no desk reconfiguration, and you can use it when you feel like it and set it aside when you don't.
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