Patrick Murphy and Janet Shandley are co-chairs of the 2013 Faculty and Staff Giving Campaign

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Janet Shandley:  You know, I try to let her set the parameters for that. I let her contact me.

What's really interesting is she went to school in Massachusetts before transferring here and the lessons she learned from being so far away from home-her sensitivity to people who just need to have "mom time." She'll send them home with me for the weekend. Or they just need some time with my dog for some pet therapy. So she's kind of tried to provide for her friends what she didn't have in Massachusetts. So, I've actually seen more of her than I thought I would.

The Commons:  Patrick, as you just mentioned, your own background is outside of nursing, but still you're a male presence in the college-so I'm asking you this as an observer: Do you think the movies "Meet the Parents"/"Meet the Fockers"/etc. (starring Ben Stiller as a male nurse) have had any impact in drawing more men to the nursing profession?

Patrick Murphy: (Laughs) I can't speak to that, but relatedly, I'll tell you my proudest moment feeling like I was fitting in to the college of nursing. A couple years ago, the nursing students put forth a proposal to the faculty requesting that they change the uniforms they wear. It used to be that they'd wear a maroon polo and white pants. White pants may look attractive on some, but not others. The students wanted to wear scrubs, so they wrote what to this day I think was the most comprehensive proposal, explaining the rationale for the switch. They had demographic information, data on trends, statistics of nursing programs around the country. About an hour and a half into the meeting on whether we should allow the students to wear scrubs, someone said, "I don't understand-what's wrong with wearing white pants?" And, with feigned disgust, I replied, "After Labor Day?" And so the discussion closed and the scrubs were voted in. So (laughing) that was my proudest moment.

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