SU faculty and staff share messages of gratitude for Thanksgiving 2012

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- Karen Price, campus sustainability manager 

The people.

- Jay Heitman, electrical shop lead 

I'm grateful for the community that SU creates where people will pull together to support others in the community in a time of need.  The recent loss that Mark Murray and his family experienced has illustrated how we show caring and support by mobilizing to pool our resources and extend a hand.  I am also very grateful for the response of SU students and Public Safety at the time of a life-threatening medical emergency of another of our staff in Facilities.  That made all the difference for a happy ending.

- Donna Horn, Manager of Operations and Quality, Facilities Services  

And while we're on the subject..If you haven't seen it, check out the latest column written by Rector Pat Howell, S.J., "Thanksgiving as a time for reconciliation has postelection meaning," which appeared in the Seattle Times on Nov. 16.

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