lynda Is Here for You

Faculty and staff now have 24/7 access to a virtually limitless library of tech training

Story by: Mike Thee
Published: 2012-11-05

We've all had those moments. No matter how computer savvy we may consider ourselves, we've all struggled to learn a new program or been dogged by the realization that there's just got to be a simpler way to carry out an everyday task on our computers. Well, thanks to a great new resource made possible through the Office of Information Technology those moments of cluelessness, frustration and inefficiency are expected to be fewer and farther between.

With the introduction of lynda-yes, that's supposed to be written in all lowercase letters-faculty, staff and students now have access to a huge library of technology training in more than 300 applications and topics. Got a program on your computer? lynda can teach you how to use it and get the most out of it.

Chuck Porter, SU's chief information officer, says lynda responds to a high demand for technology training that was routinely expressed in the satisfaction surveys his division administers. He explains the value of lynda by harking back to his days as an instructor in Albers.

"I would have students in my class who didn't know how to use the technology at their disposal. They'd turn in papers with typos and grammatical errors, not realizing that Word could correct those mistakes for them automatically. Or they'd create PowerPoints that were all stick-built, not taking advantage of easier-to-use features such as themes."

But Porter didn't have anyone to whom he could refer his students, so during office hours, he found himself spending a lot of time essentially providing technology training to his students rather than going over the material in the course.

If he were teaching today, all Porter would have to do is send his students to lynda. Same goes for us faculty and staff, of course.

Yes, lynda is there whenever you need her. Right at your computer or tablet. Whatever your level of expertise, there's a module to help you learn something new or how to do something better. Just log in with your SU username and password and away you go!

Porter says the initial response has been very positive. After sending an e-mail to introduce lynda last month, Porter says he received many, as he calls them, "love notes," ranging from "This is training I can really use" to "I've been coveting a lynda account for years" to "Awesome!"

And yes, even technological superstars like Porter find lynda helpful. "One of my hobbies is computer animation," he says, "and I've gone on to lynda for help with scripting languages and animation tools. I've also used it for Outlook. I think this is really terrific and that faculty and staff will find it useful, too."

To log on to lynda, visit



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