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Thank you for visiting The Commons, an online platform for and about Seattle University's faculty and staff.

When the founder of the order, St. Ignatius, and his early companions resolved to "go where the need was greatest," they weren't kidding.  Very quickly, the first Jesuits fanned out across the globe to minister to populations throughout Europe, as well as China and India. "Internal communications," as we call it today, became critical to holding together members of the fledgling Society of Jesus and keeping them focused on a common mission.

As college campuses go, Seattle University's is fairly compact, and yet there are days when the College of Nursing's Clinical Performance Lab in James Tower can seem a world away from the Lee Center for the Arts and vice versa. We have a mission that gives us all a common purpose, and yet we often don't know the particulars about how this department or that office is supporting our shared work. Our hope is that The Commons is a place for faculty and staff to gather, learn about the latest campus happenings and, most important, continue to grow together as a community committed to building a more just and humane world.

At its best, The Commons is a place for any and all faculty and staff to participate. Please do. Submit a story idea-or better yet, send us a story. Write an opinion piece on a current event. Or share a recent achievement of your own or a colleague.

Thanks for reading and thanks for your input.


Mike Thee
Editor, The Commons