Academic Attire

Academic Attire

  • Caps, gowns and hoods will be issued in the Seattle University Campus store. Pre-ordering will be available in April 13 and 14, 2016 at the Grad Fair event.

    Caps and gowns (and hoods for master's and doctoral students), also known as regalia, are required to participate in the  Undergraduate and Graduate Commencement ceremonies. Regalia is not needed for Baccalaureate.

    Pricing Chart for regalia purchase:
    Undergraduate Regalia: $46.95 + tax
    Master's Regalia: $89.95 + tax
    Doctoral Regalia: $109.95 + tax






     Students will pick up Commencement Regalia in May.  

    If a student is unable to pick up a pre-ordered cap and gown, he/she may have someone else serve as their representative, but must provide written permission. These written authorizations will be collected and filed for each transaction. The student's representative will also need to show either an SU ID or other photo ID.

    Academic Honors & Academic Hoods

    If you are graduating with academic honors, your hood will be issued when you pick up your academic apparel name card at the Seattle University Bookstore.

    Master's, educational specialists and doctoral degree candidates wear hoods appropriate to their degrees. The cap, gown, hood, and tassel are yours to keep.


    Be sure to pickup the color tassel that corresponds with the school or college granting your degree.

    College of Arts & Sciences

    • Undergraduate White
    • Graduate Peacock Blue

    Albers School of Business & Economics

    • Undergraduate Tan
    • Graduate Tan

    School of Education

    • Masters & Ed. Specialists Light Blue
    • Doctoral Old Gold

    Matteo Ricci College

    • Undergraduate White & Red

    School of Nursing

    • Undergraduate Apricot
    • Graduate Apricot

    School of Science & Engineering

    • Undergraduate Sciences Gold
    • Undergraduate Engingeering Orange (Civil, Electrical, Mechanical)
    • Graduate Orange

    School of Theology & Ministry

    • Graduate Scarlett Red

    In academic tradition, the student who has not yet earned a degree wears the tassel on the RIGHT side of the mortarboard. After the baccalaureate degrees have been conferred, graduates will be directed to move the tassel to the LEFT.

    Master's candidates wear their tassel on the left to begin with and, therefore, do not move it during the ceremony.

    Name Cards

    When you pick up your cap and gown you will receive a 3" x 5" card that bears your name. Bring the card to the Commencement ceremony. It will be used to announce your name as you receive your degree.

  • Recycle Gowns

    If you feel so called, please consider recycling you cap & gown.

    Donate your gown after the ceremony and look for a container marked "Gown Return" at Key Arena.You can also recycle gowns on campus at the Campus Store, which will be available throughout the summer.

    Every gown counts, and together we can make a difference!