Entrance & Procession

The chapel doors went through more design revisions than nearly any piece of the building, which reflects their significance to the design and structure. Steven Holl comments, "Doors are the place where you touch the building. They are something special...the portal, the threshold." The doors are different sizes, a reference to the historical practice of making one church door smaller and more private, and making the other larger and more ceremonial.

Both of the chapels entry doors are made of hand-carved Alaskan yellow cedar accented with reddened bronze. The larger door, measuring 6 by 9 feet, will be opened for major ceremonies. Seven glass lenses set into the doors at different angles, repeating the seven bottles metaphor, will radiate light through the evening hours, inviting people to enter the sacred space.

The four windows on the left side of the chapels sloped entryway convey Steven Holls interpretation of the four parts of St. Ignatius text, The Spiritual Exercises.