Blessed Sacrament Chapel

At the end of the processional corridor is the Blessed Sacrament Chapel. This is the place where the Eucharistic bread is reserved for the use of the sick and for private devotional prayer. The walls are coated with beeswax, and gold-leaf prayers are embedded in the walls and etched into the floor. Seattle artist Linda Beaumont, designer of the rooms interior furnishings, comments: "I hope in this room that some thoughts are washed away and that a person might turn to contemplation and that contemplation might turn to meditation and prayer."

The focal image of the room is the tabernacle, consisting of an onyx box lit from within. The sanctuary lamp hangs from a Madrona tree that reaches upwards, symbolizing the struggle of life. The amber glass-cast lamp is imprinted with leaves and seeds and lit with a candle. The bud vase in the entry wall is also made of amber cast glass.

The window in the chapel, designed by Steven Holl, is the Seal of the Society of Jesus, a radiating sunburst with the letters IHS, the first three letters in the Greek form of the name of Jesus.