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NEW - 2018 Student Event Food Policy 

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At this time, CES will extend all appropriate benefits to Student Clubs that are officially recognized by the Student Government of Seattle University (SGSU).

  • Student Clubs and Organizations may submit requests through the EMS Web App

Requests for Student Club Events

Student Clubs that are recognized by SGSU and wish to hold an event are invited to submit a request through the EMS Web App. Requests must be submitted at least twenty (20) business days in advance of the event date. Events where student groups will be providing their own food require at least thirty (30) business days’ advance notice (even more notice is preferred). No exceptions will be made.

The Seattle University Center for Student Involvement (CSI) office will review all event requests for content and appropriateness of the event. The purpose of each event must be consistent with the mission and values of the University. Student Activities will contact the student organization if further information is required. Once an event is approved by Student Activities, information will be forwarded to Conference and Event Services (CES).

CES will review the request for logistics and operations needs. Approved requests will be communicated to the Student Organization's representative and will be assigned an Event Coordinator. If further information regarding logistics or arrangements is required, the Event Coordinator will contact the Event Organizer to arrange a meeting or to discuss event details.

Please note that the approval process can take up to five (5) business days.

Requests for scheduling non-classroom space are accepted on a first-request basis. However, confirmation of the event being scheduled is usually given:

  • Two (2) years in advance of the event for Academic and University 
    Administration events or large-scale, traditional Student Events
  • One (1) year in advance of the event for less imperative University events
  • Nine (9) months in advance for hosted events
  • Six (6) months in advance of the event for Non-University events

Conference & Event Services reserves the right to substitute facilities for the space(s) reserved should the need arise.

For more on our policies, including Food and Catering for Student Groups, please go to the CES Policies page.