SU Department Events

Click here for more information about our policies: CES Campus Policy Announcements.

Reservation Process

Requests for meeting space may be done either by e-mail to or by telephone at (206) 296-5620.

External entities may submit an online request for event spaces here: Event Request Form.

For SU Faculty and Staff events or conferences that will take more collaboration and arrangements, please submit an Event Request Form

Student Clubs and Organizations should use the Student Event Request Form, as some of the policies and procedures are different.

Once the necessary information is received, one of our Client Services Assistants (CSA's) will review your request, and tentatively reserve facilities for the proposed program. It will then be determined if the nature of the event requires that an Event Coordinator be assigned. The CSA will then send a confirmation to you, along with further information on the planning process and from whom you can request further information or support.