External Client Events

CES can assist you by scheduling appropriate locations for events, discussing program flow and room configurations, providing logistical information about parking, catering and audiovisual support, and providing estimates of event costs.

Meeting, Event Or Conference?

Event definitions: 

  • Conference: a gathering that involves overnight housing with guests staying in Seattle University accommodations (summer only)
  • Event: a function that requires event coordination including unique event setup, audiovisual arrangements and other event and programmatic specific needs. 
  • Meeting: a small gathering that usually does not require a great deal of set up, support, or arrangements

Reservation Process for Events or Conferences 

For events or conferences that will take more collaboration and arrangements, please submit an Event Request Form.

Once the information on the program or event is received, one of our Client Services Assistants (CSA's) will review your request, and based on the information provided, will tentatively reserve facilities for the proposed program. In addition, the CSA will determine if the nature of the event requires that an Event Coordinator be assigned, or whether the Small Events Team can provide appropriate service to you.  After these determinations, the CSA will send a confirmation to you, along with further information on the planning process and from whom you can request further information or support.

Client Services Assistants will use what you have submitted to CES determine the following:

  • Facilities that would work best for the event or conference, and whether these are available for the date(s) requested;
  • Events occurring at the university during the same time, in case there might be any conflict that could affect the program (e.g. if the date requested coincides with a large university-wide event, or is during a university holiday)
  • Program status: Sponsored or Hosted (see definitions below)
  • Whether or not the program needs the assistance of an Event Coordinator 
  • Food service needs, and information on ordering
  • Technical equipment support needs, and if so, specifically what
  • Parking needs for the program, and what solutions are available for the day and time the conference or event will take place