User Manuals

CES uses a variety of software that we share with campus partners for better communication and successful event planning. If you are a new user, you may download any of the following PDF's in order to learn more about how to use EMS, VEMS, Master Calendar, and Eventbrite.

Event Management Systems (EMS)

EMS is a desktop application used to schedule all events happening across campus. CES, Chartwells, and Media Services also use EMS to communicate seamlessly for successful event planning and execution.

EMS is for departmental event planners or service providers only. If you need to request an EMS account, or if you run into any issues using the software, please email

If you are looking for an easy way to schedule simple meetings with absolutely no setup or help from CES required, see below for the EMS Web App. 

EMS Web App (formerly VEMS)

The EMS Web App is the virtual online component of EMS, and may be accessed via any internet browser and the secure SU internet network or wifi. If you are off-campus and need access to the EMS Web App, download the VPN (instructions from ITS here) and then connect to the internet via the VPN first and then access the EMS Web App using any internet browser (you can also access it via an internet browser within the Virtual Desktop). 

The EMS Web App is used to schedule simple meetings in certain classrooms or conference rooms across campus that require absolutely no set up or help from CES. Any event that needs catering, tables, or any tech outside of what is already provided in the room must contact CES as soon as possible to schedule the event in EMS. 

Anyone employed by Seattle University or any student who serves a department in a capacity that would necessitate access (excluding clubs and organizations) may request an account in the EMS Web App. Email to request an EMS Web App account, to reset a forgotten password, or if you run into any issues while using the software. 

Master Calendar

SU uses Master Calendar (another component of EMS) to post and cross-promote events happening on our campus. The Master Calendar is made up of 28 sub-calendars, and each sub-calendar is managed by a Calendar Manager. Calendar Managers have the power to approve, reject, edit, or cancel events that are posted onto their calendars. A list of Calendar Managers may be found here. If you need to update your Calendar Manager, or if you are interested in more information to serve in this capacity, email

Anyone currently employed at Seattle University may request an account in Master Calendar in order to post, edit, or cancel events on the calendar (you may only edit or cancel events that you posted using your account). Email to request account access.

You may use any browser (excluding Internet Explorer) and any internet connection to access Master Calendar. Events posted onto the Master Calendar must be officially sanctioned by Seattle University and must occur on campus or they will be subject to removal!


Seattle University has selected Eventbrite as the university’s platform for online event registration and ticketing. Anyone (students, staff, or faculty) planning an officially sanctioned event on campus with needs for online ticketing or registration may request an account in Eventbrite. Visit the Registration Services page for more information and to download the Eventbrite Account Request Form.

For more information, please contact Conference and Event Services at (206) 296-5620 or!