Selected EJ Syllabi

Below find information about a variety of environmental justice (EJ) courses taught at universities across the country. The links take you to that course's syllabus.

Note: SERC = part of the SERC database; D=disciplinary departmental home; ID=interdisciplinary home.


Allegheny College (PA) – Kate Darby [SERC] [Env Sci-D]

Bemidji State University (MN) – Josefina Li [SERC] [ID]

Brown University (RI) - Dianne Quigley [ID]

Fordham University (NY) – John Davenport [2010] [D]

Macalester College – Chris Wells [SERC] [ID-x]

MIT Open Courseware - JoAnn Carmin [Fall 2004 – grad level]

Regis University (CO) - Catherine Kleier [ID]

St. Olaf University (MN) - Rebecca P. Judge [2000] [ID]

San Francisco State University (CA) - Raquel Pinderhughes [ID-x]

Santa Clara University (CA) – Keith Warner [ID]

Slippery Rock University (PA) – Stentor Danielson [ID]

Southwestern University (TX) – Melissa Johnson [ID-x]

Spelman – Fatemeh Shafiei [D]

SUNY College at Plattsburgh – Bryan Higgins [D]

Syracuse University – Tom Perreault [D]

Tufts University – Penn Loh [ID]

University of California at Davis – Julie Sze [ID]

University of California at Los Angeles – Susanna Hecht [D]

University of Colorado at Denver - Paul Stretesky

University of North Texas - Robert Figueroa [D]

University of Oregon – Kari Marie Norgaard [ID]

University of South Florida at St. Petersburg - Joseph W. Dorsey [ID]

University of Utah - Adrienne Cachelin [ID]

University of Washington - Devon G. Peña [ID-x]

University of Wisconsin at Madison – Trish O’Kane [ID]

University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee – Ryan Holifield [D]

Villanova University - Chaone Mallory [ID-x]

Yale University - Amy Doolittle [ID]

These universities also offer environmental justice courses, but syllabi are currently unavailable.


Clark Atlanta University (GA) – Robert Bullard [D]

  • SOC 580: Environmental Racism 

College of New Rochelle (NY) - Faith Kostel-Hughes 

  • [Intdsc Std-ID] INS 400: Environmental Justice

Fairfield University (CT) – Bernice Marie-Daly [2003] [ID-x]

  • AE/WS/ES 283: Environmental Justice 

Georgetown University (DC) – Virginia Sharpe [2007] [ID]

  • LSHV 481-30: Environmental Justice 

University of California at Santa Cruz – Flora Lu [ID]

  • Latin American and Latino Studies 164: Environmental Justice
University of Wisconsin at Madison – Andrea-Teresa Arenas, Sandy Magaña, Yeri Lopez [ID-x]
  • L and S Interdisciplinary 400/ Institute for Environmental Studies 402/ Social Work 664: Environmental Justice at the U.S./Mexican Border – field course

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