Jackeline Lopez

Providing sustainable stoves to indigenous communities in Guatemala

Jackeline Lopez

Faculty Mentor: Jennifer Fricas





In collaboration with Professor Jennifer Fricas, Providence Health International, and Medical Teams International, this project aims to determine the environmental health impacts of the installation of clean stoves with external ventilation systems in Guatemala. These stoves dramatically reduce the amount of smoke inhalation within homes leading to a decrease in respiratory illnesses and infections. They also decrease the amount of firewood being burned, providing families with more resources while lowering deforestation rates. To ensure that these stoves are accepted and integrated into daily life, this project will focus on the cultural beliefs and traditions of the Mayan families we are working with. Findings from this project will be implemented in a culturally sensitive manner that supports education and development. Cooking provides such an integral connection to our families, communities, and ancestry that it is extremely important to ensure that families feel that they can still continue their traditions.

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