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Solar Power Student LED Lamps

Energy Conservation

There is no cheaper, cleaner power than energy you don’t have to produce. That’s why energy conservation is our primary strategy to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We use 30% less energy than universities of the same size in our climate. 

  • An innovative heat recovery project captures waste heat from the pool area exhaust and preheats incoming fresh air and swimming pool water. By "recycling" this waste heat, the system cuts annual CO2 emissions by 1.8 million pounds and reduces our energy bill by $82,000. 
  • Seven new gas boilers heat water and send it into an underground loop that, in turn, heats the air and water in five buildings. This system reduces our buildings' carbon output by 18% and our annual energy bill by $138,000. 

Solar Power

The Admissions & Alumni building's rooftop solar panels generate 3% of the building's electrical needs. The Student Center has solar panels mounted on a pole, the south wall and roof. Mechanical Engineering seniors designed the system, Facilities installed it and Seattle City Light funded this 5,500 kWh demonstration project. 

Carbon Neutral Electricity

Our electricity is 100% carbon neutral. We buy Renewable Energy Credits that support Northwest geothermal, hydropower and wind power projects.

Conservation Project Spotlight

The Student Center’s new LED lamps save $3,800 annually and make the artwork more attractive. The LEDs use 76% less energy than the incandescent lamps they replaced and pay for themselves in 9 months. They last 10 times longer, saving money from reduced labor and lamp replacement costs.


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