The Community Ecology Of Herbivore Regulation In An Agroecosystem: Lessons From Complex Systems

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About this Article

Heidi Liere, PhD

Journal Article

BioScience, 69(12), 974–996

Vandermeer, J., Armbrecht, I., de la Mora, A., Ennis, K. K., Fitch, G., Gonthier, D. J., Hajian-Forooshani, Z., Hsieh, H., Iverson, A., Jackson, D., Jha, S., Jiménez-Soto, E., Lopez-Bautista, G., Larsen, A., Li, K., Liere, H., MacDonald, A., Marin, L., Mathis, K. A., . . . Perfecto, I. (2019)