Putting Payment For Ecosystem Services(Pes) In The Context Of Broader Land-Use Dynamics

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  • LSAP Goal 1 Response to the Cry of the Earth
  • LSAP Goal 2 Response to the Cry of the Poor
  • LSAP Goal 3 Ecological Economics
  • LSAP Goal 4 Adoption of Sustainable Lifestyles
  • LSAP Goal 7 Community Resilience and Empowerment
  • 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • 13 Climate Action
  • 15 Life on Land
  • 16 Peace, Justice, and Strong Institutions
  • 17 Partnerships for the Goals

About this Article

Tanya Hayes, PhD

Conference Presentation

Presented at International Association for the Study of the Commons 17th International Conference, Lima, Peru

Hayes, T. M., Lopez, M. F., Murtinho, F., & Salazar, J. (2019, July)